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Bee House

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    These bee houses provide space for a variety of species of solitary bees – those that do not swarm, live in hives, or build honeycombs - to begin their lifecycle as essential pollinators.

    Bee houses should be hung where they will receive full sun, facing southeast or south, at least a yard above the ground, with no vegetation in front to block the entrances. Access to a small amount of mud nearby is helpful.

    Mother bees lay an individual egg in each tunnel, providing it with a mixture of nectar and pollen. They then seal the opening with mud. When the egg hatches, the larva eats the food and then enters the dormant pupae stage for several weeks or months.

    When ready, it exits through the mud, emerging as an adult, ready to repeat the lifecycle. Depending on the species, bees may use the bee house starting in early spring through August or September. Those that start later in the season may not hatch until the following spring.

    It is important that the bee houses remain dry but cold during the winter so should be moved to an unheated but protected area, such as a shed, porch, or garage in October. They can be returned to their original sunny location in March.

    We offer two styles of bee house: plain cedar or one made from recycled karate boards with bamboo tunnels.  The pine and bamboo bee houses are painted in one of three colors: pink, chartreuse, or blue.  The bees do not prefer one type of house over the other; all they are looking for is an appropriate hole in which to lay their egg.  The styles and color varieties are for peoples' preferences.

    Cedar measurements: H: 8.5" x L: 4" x W: 6"

    Pine/bamboo measurements: H: 9.5" x  L: 9" x  D: 4 3/4"

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