Wishing Wells

The hallmark product of Steven's Woodshop is the wishing well, of which several models and options are available.

The original large wishing well is made of pressure treated lumber and comes with a standard basket or planter. It stands 51 inches high by 31 inches in diameter. In 2013 all wells were upgraded to include a ledge around the top of the base for a more finished look. Other options include cedar shingles on the roof; a stained or painted well, with the painted having an additional option of a stenciled design on the roof.

The midsize well is made from either pine or cedar and can include a stained or painted upgrade. It stands 31 inches high by 24 inches in diameter, and includes a standard basket.

The petite table top well, ideal for collecting cards from "well-wishers" at receptions or showers, stands about 18 inches high and has a diameter of 15 ½ inches. It comes in  cedar or white PVC, which also withstands outside weather, should it be used as a planter afterward. The wood version includes the option of painting or staining for an additional fee.

  • Large well made of pressure treated wood: $250.00
  • With cedar shingles: +$25.00

  • Stained or painted: +$25.00

wishingwell 5wishingwell 6

  • With Stenciling: +$25.00

  • Midsize pine well: $75.00
  • Midsize cedar well: $100.00
  • Stained or painted: +$25.00


  • PVC petite table top well: $100.00

  • Cedar tabletop well: $75.00
  • Stained or painted: +$25.00

Sales tax will be added to the total.
Delivery is free within a 30 mile radius of West Chester, Ohio.


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