Adding New Products Each Year

At Steven's Woodshop, we are always investigating new ideas to enhance the yard and garden. Our new item for 2014 was the bee house. 

New for 2015 were "Victorian" style cedar bird houses, which sell for $20 + tax.

Additionally, well base planters are available in all three well diameters, made with the same materials and options as the wells.  Height can be custom ordered to meet customer needs.

Tables made from well bases are a great way to coordinate yard decor.  Small cedar tables are the perfect size to accompany a lawn chair and accommodate a snack.  Mid size cedar tables serve the same purpose, only with a larger surface area.  Full size octagonal picnic tables sit nicely atop an extended large well base, and easily provide plenty of room for eight to dine.  Height of tables can be adjusted to customer specifications, increasing functionality, such as for plant stands.

In 2016, Steven began making items from recycled pallets, including coffee and end tables and wall mounted book racks.  Additionally, he began manufacturing dog bowl stands, in varying heights, and a front opening bird house.

His specialty in 2017 has been to make custom ordered products, which he is happy to provide upon request when it is within his ability to do so.  He has also built several garbage can holders out of recycled pallets, which nicely disguise them for a more tidy patio appearance.  In anticipation of various holidays, he also now has an assortment of seasonal yard decorations, also made from pallets.

To view these items, as well as all our latest ideas or prototypes, visit Steven's Woodshop Facebook page or browse through the photos of All Our Products in the Galleries section of this website.


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