Bat Houses

In our second year of operation, bat houses were added as another product line. Each single chamber bat house is individually hand crafted, according to bat experts' specifications as to what works best to attract these nocturnal mosquito eaters. Bat houses are stained a dark brown or black color in order to absorb heat to keep the bats at their optimal warm temperature. Dimensions are 24 inches by 16 inches by ¾ inch, with plastic netting secured to the back interior wall for the bats to climb up and into their house. The front wall is vented; seams along the slanted roof and sides are caulked to keep rain out. Each bat house is large enough to house a colony of 30-40 bats.

Bat houses will be most successful in attracting residents when mounted a minimum of 12 feet above the ground; 15-20 feet high is even better. They need to be in a location that receives a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight a day in order to maintain a warm enough environment for their offspring. Bat houses may be mounted on a pole or building, although not one covered with aluminum siding. They are not as effective when located in trees due to being shaded by the leaves, providing easy access for predators, and presenting obstacles for swooping in and out due to branches. Single chamber houses, like this one, will work best when mounted on a building with proper sun exposure. Bats prefer to live within 1/4 mile of a water source. When situating the bat house, it is prudent to consider what is directly beneath it, as that is where their guano will land. Guano can be used as a rich fertilizer. As with bird houses, it may take a while for the bats to find it, but within a couple years they should take up residence.



Cost: $30.00 (plus tax)

Shipping is free if delivered within a 30-mile radius of West Chester, OH.

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