About Steven

At four months old, Steven was diagnosed with brain damage from an unknown cause, which manifested itself with seizures, verbal apraxia, and developmental delays, all of which continue to this day. He, however, does not see himself as different from anyone else, is proud of the work he does, and thrives on the independence of being employed. He absolutely loves to build wishing wells, since from his earliest years Steven has had a passion for hammering.

He attended public schools until age 22, and then began working in the community with a job coach. When they had some extra time to spend together, the job coach decided to come up with something involving hammering that Steven could work on, so that his interest could be directed to build a viable product. When they began the base for the first wishing well, Steven was so proud of it that he brought it inside that night. Upon completion, the well looked so good, that we decided to make a business out of it.

The goal for Steven's Woodshop has always been to allow Steven to do something he loves to do, yet focused in a direction that produces a well-made, handcrafted product. With enough work to keep him busy consistently, the hope is that he will eventually be able to enjoy a greater degree of autonomy, while demonstrating that successful entrepreneurship is possible for anyone.

Steven's story has been told twice with the help of professional videographers.  The first time was for the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifrS3YqCjOY.  About four or five years later, in the autumn of 2015, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center also made a video highlighting Steven's accomplishments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VlhKXU5fFs

His story was also featured in the June issue of the West Chester Liberty Lifestyle magazine, on page 32.  The article can be found at http://issuu.com/lifestylepubs/docs/west_chester___liberty_2017_6_print?e=10131829/48921858.

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